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Ford Escort Maxi Kit Car

from Gordon Spooner Engineering (GSE).

Complete tarmac spec.

Car is modenised and uppdated.

Bodyshell completely renovated.

New engine - 200km

New fuel injection (ECU) and wiring loom

with AIM dash

New ATL 55L fuel cell

Viscousdiff - 65km

X-trac gearbox - 200km 

Tarmac specification (wide track)

Magnesium uprights

Proflex EWO3 front and rear

Front: AP 6 pot calipers with 380mm disc

Rear: AP 2 pot calipers with 280mm disc

Lots of spareparts

Original lightpot (6 lights)

Anti roll-bars etc

Rims - Tarmac 11x 18x8


Car is in white paint

Price: 65000 Euro

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Ford Escort Maxi KitCar

Fakta om bilen

Ford Escort maxi kit car är det sista utvecklingssteget som gjordes på den 2-hjulsdrivna Ford Escorten på mk6 karossen...



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